Servex Laser Wheel Alignment Systems

Product Support and Spare Parts Service for LX7-3000 and LX7-2000 (*)

Peel Electronics is the manufacturer of all the electronics components on the Laser LX7-3000, and the older the LX7-2000 Model Laser Wheel Aligners.

We can supply new or repair/calibrate older models.

LX7-3000 Servex Wheel Aligner Machine
LX7-3000 Servex Wheel Aligner Vehicle Test Sheet
SERVEX Heavy Vehicle Servex Wheel Aligner Machine

Laser Heads Left Hand and Right Hand Part No.’s HA1067PL (LH or RH)

Dual Battery Charger  Part No. HA1161

Digital Gauge (Castor Camber Readout) with Clinometer Part No. HA0907

Peel Electronics has taken over all spare parts and servicing of these units.  Many thousands of these units are still in service all around Australia, and overseas, and we will continue to keep these units in service for our customers.  Also, we are manufacturing many other spare parts continually.

*(Please note we cannot service the very early versions of LX7-2000 Wheel Aligners as these were not made by Peel, these are identified by a red or green rubber push button on the end of the Laser Module heads.  The Peel units have a decal with ‘Press’ in red text to turn on and off.  However we can provide an upgrade kit for this early model.)