Contract PCB manufacturing assembly, product design and prototyping

PEEL Electronics has the experience for turnkey production or prototyping of your circuit, or schematic.

We have designed PCB’s from start to finish with the following services –

  • Explore the option to Engineer a product
  • Option to create Computer generated schematic
  • Option to use customers schematic to create PCB files, Gerbers, drilling etc.
  • Option to use customers PCB files to create working prototypes, and source PCB’s components through our extensive network of quality suppliers
  • Option to manufacture tooling for enclosure, as Peel Electronics owns and designs all its own enclosures.
  • Option to manufacture from prototype stage to production stage with our Swiss made Robotics Surface Mount machine.
  • Option to manufacture, or convert from/to leaded design to Surface Mount Design. We have facility for both
  • Assist in design of all or part phases
  • High quality production is used, and high quality components sourced.
  • Our engineer with Masters Degree in Electronics, can assist with design features, or we can go straight to prototyping with your files.

Specialising in – 

  • Contract PCB Design
  • Contract PCB prototyping
  • Contract PCB Manufacturing/Assembly
  • Full turnkey products
PCB Manufacturing SMD
PCBa Manufacturing SMD

Examples below of PCB manufacturing Design Assistance

Fast Prototyping for PCB Design
A Global customer provided PCB files (under confidentiality agreement) on the 20th March 2018, and requested working finalised Pre-production Prototypes by the 15th of April 2018, to showcase to a Japanese customer. Peel Electronics delivered (as Pictured) completed working prototypes, early, on the 10th April 2018, much to the delight of the customer. Next phase is for customer to validate prototypes, and move forward with Production Orders. Looking forward to working with this customer on a long term basis for local Australian contract PCB Manufacturing.

Example of Peel Electronics Design and manufacturing work – USA EXPORT Product, using multilayer PCB Design to reduce product size, and upgraded to Version 2. Peel Electronics Revision 2 in house design – For ease of final assembly, lowered cost, and smaller PCB footprint allows customer to ‘speed’ up final assembly processes, to reduce labour/time cost. Product was tested in USA over next few days, and subsequent orders delivered within 6 weeks. Our local engineering expertise, has explored ways to reduce costs, for our customer, and succeeded.
Production qty’s are increasing due to higher demand and is expected to increase over the years. Three other Peel product designs have been sent for testing and are expected to add to the existing export product line, increasing Aussie Export opportunity.  The early first design was being produced overseas with quality and communication issues, Since Peel took over production in 2018, there has been Zero non conformance, excellent quality, can provide reference from our customer to verify.

Provided USA customer – Redesign of one of their existing circuits, ruggedized and added features.

PCBb PCB Manufacturing SMD
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