Carbon monoxide CO Gas Detectors and Sensors

Peel Electronics Australian engineered, and manufactured CO Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors and Sensors for compliance and Workplace Safety.

Carbon monoxide CO is colourless, odourless, tasteless, making it difficult to detect.  Symptoms of mild poisoning include headaches, vertigo, and flu-like effects. Longer exposure can have serious effects on overall health, and possible death.

We manufacture and supply Carbon Monoxide CO Detectors for safety for household, Marine vessel, caravans, underground car parks, waste truck and commercial application.  Our units are pre-calibrated for accuracy and reliability of detection, and alarm levels.


CO-100 – CO Detector Audible Visual Alarm, and relay contacts to shut down or activate external devices  – Marine Craft, Caravans, Homes, buildings, offices.

CO-420 – CO Sensor with 4-20mA output 2 wires, proportionate to 0-150ppm CO for car park regulation

CO-150  – CO Detector with audible and visual alarms, on wires for cabin mounting, i.e. waste trucks, vehicles, or separate area monitoring.



CO-100 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector Sensor


CO-420 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector Sensor


CO150-01-2 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector Sensor 2

CO Detectors

Model: CO-100 Carbon Monoxide Detector


  • Monitor CO levels in your caravan or boats cabin, home or office, CO is odourless and extremely dangerous and can be produced from appliances, such as stoves and heaters burning Fossil Fuels –  LPG (Propane) and Natural Gas (Methane), and exhaust fumes.
  • Monitor Diesel heaters CO levels, now fitted to many caravans and mobile homes.
  • Monitor CO levels from Household/Commercial heaters and stoves.
  • Are you in Compliance with Regulation (Marine) and Insurance (Marine and home)


Install an ‘Australian Made and Designed’ Peel Carbon Monoxide Detector for Safety, Regulation, Insurance and ‘peace of mind’, providing a safe environment  where Carbon Monoxide maybe present.

Model No. CO-100

Size in mm: 110L x 58W x 22/28D

The unit detects CO (Carbon Monoxide) Based on Standard UL2034 and alarms visually and audibly.

It has the provision to activate external alarms, strobe lights and blowers.

This unit can be ‘paired’ with our MD-200 Series LPG (Propane) for complete safety.

Peel Gas Detectors utilize Figaro gas sensor technology for reliable operation, accuracy and traceability.

CO-420 Carbon Monoxide Detector

4-20ma Car Park & Building monitoring Sensors

The CO-420 Sensors are available for Industrial and Commercial Gas Detection systems eg. underground carparks according to AS1668, Indoor Go-Kart Centers, Tunnels etc.

The CO 4-20mA sensors are universal and can be set at customers requirements.

The most predominant use for the 4-20ma Sensors is Traffic and Car park monitoring of CO by Base Station/PLC or Building Management Systems (BMS). These then monitor the levels of CO and efficiently control the Ventilation Systems, therefore increasing Safety and dramatically reducing the ongoing costs of running and maintaining the ventilation systems.

The standard CO-420 is set to output 0-150ppm level of CO on a Linear Scale proportionate to 4-20mA in a 2 wire application.

These sensors can output a 0ppm up to 1,000ppm level of CO on a 4-20mA range. (Please contact for further information and factory calibrate to custom CO ppm level)

The Carbon Monoxide sensors are suitable for 2, 3 and 4 wire application (please contact).

Our Carbon Monoxide sensors can operate reliably for 10 years (Minimum 7 Years with stable output under normal conditions), and are calibrated and supported by Traceability documents on accuracy of the Calibration Gas.

Easy ‘One Pot’ On-Site Calibration with the use of calibration gasses, procedures and minimum tools required.

Model CO-150

Peel CO Detector is designed for waste trucks, rubbish bins and waste removal vehicles to monitor CO levels and prevent a fire.

Chemicals, old batteries, and other solid materials placed in bins can cause smouldering and lead to a potential fire threat. See below a detailed explanation of smouldering!!!

The Peel CO Monitor has been designed for use in a cavity and housed above the Waste area of a Waste Disposal Truck.

The unit also has an In Cab Dash Warning LED & Audible Buzzer See insert pics-.

Install an ‘Australian Made and Designed’ Peel Carbon Monoxide Detector for Safety, Regulation, Insurance and ‘peace of mind’, providing a safe environment where Carbon Monoxide maybe present.

Important: units can be supplied with Traceability documentation for Calibration of each sensor

The unit detects CO (Carbon Monoxide) excess (over 200ppm) and alarms visually and audibly.

(On request can be calibrated to levels 0 – 10,000ppm.Conditions apply)

It has the provision for wiring to activate external alarms, strobe lights and blowers.

The Peel CO detector has been designed for Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and regulation. The system can also be used in many industries, including Caravan, Marine, Commercial and residential applications.

The Peel Gas Detectors are designed, engineered and manufactured here locally in Mornington, Victoria

Why Smouldering is a significant Fire Hazard

The fundamental difference between smouldering and flaming combustion is that smouldering occurs on the surface of the solid rather than in the gas phase.

The temperature and heat released during smouldering are low compared to those in the flaming combustion.

Smouldering propagates in a creeping fashion, which is about ten times slower than flames spread over a solid.

In spite of its weak combustion characteristics, smouldering is a significant fire hazard. Smouldering emits toxic gases such as CARBON MONOXIDE at a higher yield than flaming fires. Other emitted gases are flammable and could later be ignited in the gas phase, triggering the transition to flaming combustion, causing a dangerous situation.

Please Note:

Certain Applications using Peel Gas Detectors may involve potential risks of Death, Personal Injury, or severe property or environmental damage (“Critical Applications”). Peel Gas Detectors are not Authorized, or warranted to be suitable for use in Life-Support Devices or systems or other Critical Applications. Inclusion of Peel Gas Detectors is understood to be fully at the Customer’s Risk.