Periodic Calibrations and Bump Testing of Gas Sensors and Detectors

Peel Electronics can bump/field test all of its own types of Gas Detectors, also some other brands of detectors. We use a Calibration target gas with certified Traceability eg. 150ppm CO (Carbon Monoxide) in air, we can organise to field Bump Test or organise a test kit for internal use.

Multi Gas mixtures are also available – eg. CO2. O2. Nitrogen all mixed in one cylinder.

Australian Standards and Calibration Traceability is extremely important for extreme Safety Apparatus such as GAS DETECTORS, when used in Australia. In development we take into account the relevant Australian Standards for Gas Detection. This issue may arise when there is a problem or Gas Leak. Many imported Gas Detectors on the market today, and used in Australia, do not comply with certain areas of the Australian Standards leaving companies open to liability issues, nuisance alarms, or no alarm. With Peel Electronics Gas Detectors rest assured that we design under the guidelines of Australian Standards and relevant Workplace Legislation.

Click 4000-Series-CO2-O2 Calibration.pdf  for more information.

Click CO-150 Bump test for more information.